Written by Kano Mayumi





So very often I hear my friends say their children being reluctant to practice playing the piano, and wondering if they should stop taking lessons. Here I am going to lead you to solve the problem, step by step. I also would like to introduce you less stressful, slow but encouraging approach I used for my children to keep on practicing the piano.


Due to my husband’s job, my family and I have been moving back and forth between the US and Japan, every 3-4 years. My children need to catch up with educational requirements in both countries. The most important subject is language arts. The most effective way to excel in language is making your kids book warms. Here I am going to share the most successful project I launched to help them become good readers.

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アメリカ アリゾナ州 近所の高校で数学の授業が全てオンライン化されているとのこと。今の所賛否両論ある。質のいい授業を用意できるなら、ありかな?と思う。